• Audra Pace

Blending Creativity & Romance with a Balanced Budget

Every wedding's biggest struggle is trying to stay on budget and still achieve the design experience the couple is wanting for their guests.

Here are a few budget friendly options to really achieve your unique style without spending a fortune:

Seating Charts

Guests Seating Chart- printing directly on to a custom

mirror can get expensive. A more cost effective option is to

print on the a thin piece of acrylic and then attach it to the mirror.

Chiavari chairs are amazing but can cost far more then other seating options. This beautiful wedding had gold chiavari seating for the wedding party only. It looks amazing and is more affordable then using the gold chairs through out the entire room of 100+.


Large floral arrangements can really add up fast! So an alternative options is small arrangements with more pieces to the centerpieces. This wedding couple chose to go with centerpieces that had 3, 4, or 5 pieces mixed with geometric shapes, gold stands and/or dishes, votive candles and lanterns. The consistent use of the neutral color pallet accented my gold metallics through out this space really pulled the design together.


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