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Event Day Emergency Kits

Hey all...... we are talking Emergency kits today! What to pack, how to pack, and things you may not think of. If you are an event professional I know we all have one and each pro's kit is just a little bit different. My kit is broken up in 4 pieces. I'm going to break it down by piece and then provide a list of the most important pieces I think everyone should have in their kits.

Full Kit: This kit is amazing!!!! I picked this up at Home Depot for about $40. It is extremely durable and has a ton of storage. Here is the link to a very similar Tool Kit

There are others on the site as well with different features but I found this one works the best for me and is easy to refill as needed with the individual boxes I have everything separated into based on use.

Top: Most used products- batteries, scissors, hot glue gun, glue sticks, markers, pens, business cards, command strips, hooks, bug spray, polaroid film, charging cords, aux cord, ring boxes, socks, sewing kit, etc.

Middle: Personal Care items- hair spray, deodorant, combs, toothbrush, mouthwash, hair ties, buttons, nail clippers, makeup remover, shout wipes, lash glue, nail files, tampons, and more.......

Bottom: All the Things!!! Electrical cords, surge protectors, hammer, drill, screw driver, zip ties (3 different sizes), towels, trash bags, First Aid kit, electrical tape, packing tape, fishing line, and Masks (Thank you 2020!!!)

Minis: These kits are just as they sound mini versions of the top and middle versions of my large kits. I always make sure to include snacks, water bottles, and sometimes a little liquid courage if I think the event calls for it. The mini kits are actually from The Container Store and then I filled them with the appropriate items for my clients.

Here is a link to the Mini Kits

Wanting to create your own Wedding Day Emergency Kit? I have you covered! I would strongly suggest this Mini Kit option. You can be a little more selective about the items you put in your kit and even personalize them for each wedding party/event or put them in the restrooms for your guests just in case someone is in need of freshening up. Here is a list of supplies I cant live without on an event day. I use this list to refill and tweak my kits and now you can make your own Emergency Kit for your next event:


· Notepad

· Pens

· Ibuprofen or Aleve

· Highlighters

· Blue Tac

· Drawing Pins

· Glue/Adhesive

· Rubber Bands

· Tissues

· Business Cards

· Small Umbrella

· Hand Fan

· Matches or Lighter

· Flashlight

· Screw Driver - flat head and Phillips

· Small Hammer

· Tape Measure

· Batteries

· Pocket Knife

· Extension Cord

· Double Adaptor Plug

· Power Cord

· Electrical Tape

· Envelopes

· Calculator

· USB Stick

· Post It Notes

· Paper Clips

· Sticky Tape

· Mints/Gum

· Bottle of Water

· Deodrant

· Band Aids

· Sewing Kit

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