• Audra Pace

Event Day Emergency Kits

Hey all...... we are talking Emergency kits today! What to pack, how to pack, and things you may not think of. If you are an event professional I know we all have one and each pro's kit is just a little bit different. My kit is broken up in 4 pieces. I'm going to break it down by piece and then provide a list of the most important pieces I think everyone should have in their kits.

Full Kit: This kit is amazing!!!! I picked this up at Home Depot for about $40. It is extremely durable and has a ton of storage. Here is the link to a very similar Tool Kit

There are others on the site as well with different features but I found this one works the best for me and is easy to refill as needed with the individual boxes I have everything separated into based on use.

Top: Most used products- batteries, scissors, hot glue gun, glue sticks, markers, pens, business cards, command strips, hooks, bug spray, polaroid film, charging cords, aux cord, ring boxes, socks, sewing kit, etc.