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Recently, I have had several people asking about my approach to design for

weddings and private events. I thought it might be fun to go through a design meeting in this blog post. When I think of design services I think of all things visually stimulating for you and your guests. I want your unique personality and beauty to be felt and seen throughout your event. I know this is one place where it is easiest to become overwhelmed very quickly and because it is easier to just say "whatever" many people just give up.

This is where I come in.

During our first design meeting I love to listen. I encourage clients to bring with them or share with me images, thoughts, fears, dreams, feelings, and if possible materials they are envisioning for their event. Usually we peruse through Pinterest boards the clients have been using for months and sometimes years. I love to see how their dreams have changed over time and their goals and unique inspirations. I have some of my favorites saved on our Pinterest board if you want to take a look. It isn't uncommon for my clients to share boards of over 100+ photos. Once I have a very clear idea of the direction we are wanting to move forward and asked all of the questions I have we schedule to meet again in 2 weeks to go over the customized inspiration board and design proposal.

During our next meeting we take a look at the customized inspiration board and your proposal. Here are a few initial inspiration boards from past clients:

Graduation 2020-

This particular student was headed for a year of study abroad. The family wanted to create a intimate environment but still celebrate the future of their senior. I took inspiration form a few Pinterest photos the parents shared, a few of my favorite quotes for graduates, and the seniors favorite foods.

Autumn Baby Shower 2020-

Baby Autumn was so much fun to plan for and celebrate!! Balloon garland, greenery, and the outdoors were a must in the design meeting. I focused on using lots of natural elements and fun patterns. My goal was bringing nature inside and making lasting memories for the family and showing Baby Autumn how much she was loved even before she arrived.

Surprise Birthday Party 2020-

This was so much fun! The first thing Joe said to me when I asked what kinds of things Tracy love: "ooof I'm terrible at this..... well, she LOVES Chip & Joanna and her favorite color is purple."

White tents with white draping sprawling floral arrangements on farm tables with tobacco baskets and textured vases. A wonderful charcuterie board with delicious bits all locally sourced for close family and friends.

Next during your 2nd meeting we will go through your proposal. I always tell my clients to expect sticker shock. When I quote out a design I shoot for the moon knowing full well we will need to edit and trim. My philosophy is that I would rather quote everything thing and let you decide what things are most important and the things you must have vs items that maybe aren't as important that you can do with out. Every proposal is broken down into categories: (just to name a few)

Paper goods- Save the Dates, Invitations Suites, Maps, Signage



Furniture- Tables, Chairs, Specialty Pieces

Rentals- China, Linens, Backdrops, Archways, etc.


Client Testimonial: " You are amazing and words can not express that. Thank you so much for being there for me throughout everything."

Client Testimonial: "It was absolutely perfect! Audra, you checked in with me often, addressed issues with vendors so I didn't have to, and we got through 2020 ALIVE! I am forever grateful for your dedication and you always made sure I was level headed in whatever decision I made. You made everything gorgeous!

That's all she wrote! Once my clients are happy with their proposal we take care of the business particulars such as signing and deposits and away we go off to the races. You can book your consultation online here: Free Consultation

Happy Planning,


(each event depicted was observed with the strictest of guidelines for safety and health)

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