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Lets Talk Details

Hello Dreamers!!!

Today we are talking about the details and how to make your Pinterest board a reality without breaking the budget. I am always telling clients this day is about the TWO of you. It isn't meant to be the trendiest day or the day everyone else envisions for you. Its your day and so it should be a real reflection of your lives, style, and hopes for the future. Not only do the tricks I am teaching you save serious $$$ but they also make the best day of you life truly a reflection of your love.

Step 1

Start by taking a look around your house or apartment. Gather a collection of things that really reflect your lives together your personal styles and future goals. This example below is a reflection of a couple who loves travel, enjoys the old down town Omaha vibe, hopes for new adventures, and appreciates a more modern take of the rustic and geometric designs.

photo credit: Image Society Inc

papergoods: Tara's Designs

design & florals: Dream Big Events

Step 2

Pinterest Boards can be overwhelming and if you choose to make multiple boards with contributers this can get out of hand fast!! There is nothing wrong with wanting your squad's opinion and input but I also recommend having a private board where you can really refine the ideas and trim down the noise. Again as you are pinning make sure you are staying true to your style and not falling into the trendy trap. Look for images that speak directly to you; think about whether or not you would put some of the design elements in your home. Look for details that reflect your interests. Ie: if you enjoy hunting maybe including antlers and faux furs is something to lean in to.

Step 3

DIY- Rentals-Purchase is always a big question you need to ask. Be honest and open with yourself when asking this question. Remember to take into account the cost of materials and the time it will take to accomplish the project. Many times we find it get to be more expensive. Purchasing is always a nice option to get exactly what you are wanting but if it isn't something you are going to hold on to for a while or only has a one time use make sure to think about what you are going to do when the event is over. Renting design items is an option I tend to favor only because the overall cost and time required are minimal. Typically when we rent merchandise for a client from a third party vendor set up and delivery are included as well. It just makes the set up a breeze.

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