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What does a " Wedding Coordinator" do?

Well that question is a lot to unpack! It is a very popular question and I do not take the answer lightly. Let start with what a Wedding Coordinator or as most couples refer to this job a "Day of Coordinator" is not. First and fore most, there is no such thing as a Day of Coordinator. It simply doesn't exist. There is a ton of work that goes into Coordinating a wedding and when done correctly calculates to about 20+ hrs of work before you even get to the wedding day. If only I had a fairy wand and could truly be a fairy godmother to all my clients that would be something spectacular.

Something else to keep in mind is that just because your venue comes with a Coordinator that doesn't necessarily mean it is the same as having a dedicated Wedding Coordinator. I use the example often that a venue coordinator's primarily responsible is for your venue the day of a wedding and taking care of the couple is secondary. If there is something wrong with the venue ie: a bathroom needs cleaning or maybe a line to the keg is having issues they need to take care of those problems. A separate Wedding Coordinator's primary responsibility is their couple and ensuring their wedding day dreams become a reality.

Now, lets talk Real Talk about what a Wedding Coordinator is.................

Think about all those details that are executed to perfection. Vendor arrivals and set up that happen flawlessly and without question. Timelines that stay on track no matter how far behind hair & makeup runs because of tears of joy. Think about the speech that runs on forever and the superhero that swoops in to pass off the mic and get the teary eyed Mom or Dad a tissue and a glass of water to clear their throat. That's your Wedding Coordinator!

Our couples become Family. When your makeup artist gets sick the night before the wedding and you need someone to call, it is your Wedding Coordinator answering the phone at 2am and send out an SOS to her long list of trusted vendors. If your buddy who has never officiated a wedding needs help, its your Coordinator that has a back up script for him to use. And Yes, even when that Buddy misses his flight its your Wedding Coordinator coming in clutch to officiate your wedding. Yep, you guessed it, these are all very real scenarios I have been in and the ways that having a Wedding Coordinator has benefited my clients.

I don't tell you all of this to scare you or to sound arrogate. I truly want the best for every couple out there and I believe with my whole heart no matter who you are or who you are booking that education should be your first step in planning. While, of course, I want you to book your coordination services through Dream Big Events I also want you to know your options. Know that you can rest assured that when working with the best in the business you are getting the best this business has to offer.

You can schedule a consultation Here to chat with me directly or get more information at the services link here: www.dreambigevents.net/services

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